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Corporate Labour & Employment Law

Van Zyl’s Incorporated excels in Corporate Labour & Employment Law, ensuring best practices in HR and IR. We manage disciplinary processes, represent clients in all courts, provide tailored training, and guide corporate clients through compliance and restructuring.

Business Law

Van Zyl’s Incorporated offers expert Business Law services, including drafting agreements, BEE compliance advice, entity registration, and civil litigation representation. We ensure legal compliance and strategic solutions to enhance business operations.

Cronje Van Zyl

Senior Manageing Member

Cronje Van Zyl, the senior managing member of Van Zyl’s Incorporated, brings over 25 years of expertise in labour and employment law. Admitted as an attorney in 1993, Cronje specializes in labour law litigation and workplace processes. His extensive experience spans various industries, including automotive, financial, retail, and mining.


Cronje excels as a facilitator and advisor in wage negotiations and labour forums, focusing on the macro and micro needs of corporate clients. His deep industry knowledge ensures tailored, effective solutions, benefiting clients through strategic guidance and robust legal representation.

Attorney Cronje Van Zyl

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Van Zyl’s Incorporated has dedicated 25 years to helping businesses like yours navigate the complex landscape of labour and employment law. We strive to strike the perfect balance between top notch services and excellence in delivery.

Practising for 25 years, our team has gathered extensive experience across a wide range of industries. Such as, automotive, financial, retail, hospitality, mining, engineering, and more. Our team has made major contributions to the industry with active participation in industry bodies and councils, leadership roles in negotiating and managing industry-wide labour agreements, and contributions to legal education and training within the field.

Legal Services

Specialising in labour and employment law, Van Zyl’s Inc. team of experts is here to assist you with any labour or business legal challenge. Our main areas of practise are Corporate Labour & Employment Law, and Business Law.

Corporate Labour & Employment Law

  • Trade Union Interaction

    Effective management of trade union interactions and negotiations.

  • Restructuring and Workplace Safety

    Strategic guidance on restructuring and ensuring workplace safety.

  • Litigation and Representation

    Skilled litigation and representation in all labour-related forums.

  • HR and IR Practices

    Optimise HR and IR practices to achieve best workplace standards.

  • Documentation and Bargaining

    Drafting of employment-related documentation and bargaining representation.

  • Disciplinary and Performance Proceedings

    Expert management of disciplinary and performance-related proceedings.

  • Compliance and Training

    Comprehensive compliance and training for employment equity and labour law.

Business Law

  • Legal Entity Management

    Comprehensive management of legal entity registration and incorporation.

  • Employment Issues in Business Transactions

    Addressing employment-related issues in business transactions.

  • Civil Litigation

    Robust representation in civil litigation across all forums.

  • Business Agreements

    Expert drafting and review of business agreements.

  • B-BBEE Compliance

    Tailored advice on B-BBEE compliance and strategy execution.

Our Team of Legal Experts

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