About Us

Van Zyl’s Incorporated offers a core range of innovative and solution-driven services, inclusive of the following:



  • Due diligence exercises with regards to HR and IR practices, and the implementation of remedial interventions within workplaces in order to achieve “best practices”;
  • In-house holding of disciplinary enquiries and/or poor work performance proceedings/enquiries as well as the implementation of medical incapacity procedures;
  • Skilled and outcome based litigation and/or representations, appearing before all relevant third parties. Representing clients on all levels of courts, mediation, Labour relations, grievance hearings. This includes, appearances before the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and/or the Labour Court; 
  • Employment equity compliance and relevant training; 
  • Restructuring and/or re-engineering processes in terms of the LRA;
  • Securing Health and Safety within the workplace;
  • Drafting of employment law-related documentation;
  • Representation on behalf of corporate clients during the course of collective bargaining processes, inclusive of wage negotiations at plant and national level;
  • In-house and tailor-made training on relevant labour law and IR topics;
  • Trade Union interaction with particular reference to the application of organizational rights as well as wage negotiations;

Business Law


  • Compilation and drafting of business-related agreements;
  • Tailor-made advise on compliance with Broad-Based Black Empowerment and the execution of relevant strategies, inclusive of advice on the newly published codes. The execution of relevant contractual arrangements in order to achieve BEE goals;
  • Registration and/or incorporation of various legal entities;
  • Employment-related issues and the possible impact on sales of going concerns;
  • General civil litigation in all forums.